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-Stomach flu, or Norovirus, is a highly contagious, short-lived viral infection that causes violent vomiting and diarrhea

-The CDC estimates that the Norovirus is responsible for 22 million illnesses each year*

-Many of these people miss work when they themselves or family members are sick

-Missed work costs businesses money and opportunities—11 million workdays each year in Britain alone**

-Nearly 400 outbreaks of Norovirus per year damaging the reputations of restaurants and institutions*

I can help your business avoid the perils of this very costly but preventable illness!


* "Norovirus, Salmonellay Key Culprits in CDC Outbreak Report." Science & Research. Mary Rothchild. 9/9/2011

**"Economic Tummy ache..." Daily Mail, UK. Sean Poulter. 9/9/2011.

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